Shakar is located on a small tropical island north of the continent of Talis in the Drescal Sea.

Shakar is a collection of jungle ruins previously protected by a series of strong magical barriers. These magical barriers have only recently been dissapated by the academic expedition from the University of Muko and their leader Kessel.

The entirety of Shakar is surrounds by an imense wall, which was broken open by the expedition. A path from the wall to the ruins was carved through the dense jungle.

A small main street leads through a series of abandoned buildings, where Shakar’s people once lived.

The main street leads north, ending at the base of a cliff. Here there are 4 temples; 1, 2, 3, 4. Set in the face of the cliff is a large stone door with an elaborate lock. Between the temples, the expedition has set up a small tent city.


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